We are Betsy and Brad. Together we’re parents of our two small children (and two dogs!). 

Betsy is an artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. She’s spent the past seven years building her own art business – collaborating with organizations such as Childhoods Clothing, Minnetonka, Papyrus, and Bravery Magazine. You may have purchased or seen one of her amazing portraits, greeting card designs, children’s clothing patterns, or another of her works.

Brad started his path in education as a 4th grade teacher in Houston, TX. While teaching, he also developed and launched an app that lent kids a voice in the school cafeteria. Most recently, he spent two years with his co-founder designing, planning, and building an innovative elementary school in Idaho which he now co-leads as Co-Principal.

Together we formed Brighter Fun to launch our first game, Animal Chat!

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